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  • 81
  • 44
  • 04
  • 71
  • 88
Machine Numbers
  • 45
  • 55
  • 57
  • 30
  • 50
Date: 18/02/2018 Time: 23:00
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Latest draw results

  • 81
  • 44
  • 04
  • 71
  • 88
Date: 18/02/2018 Time: 23:00


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what would you do if you won the lottery ?
game draw
  • elohor

    i will go to school

  • elohor

    i will go to school

  • James

    Further my education an

  • Ijama Emmanuel


  • Justina Enyi

    I will use it for a business investment

  • andrei

    play bingo

  • Francis Philip

    I will re invest in lottery again

  • Daniel Umoh

    Go to school

  • Josh

    Just let me win, then see what I would do.

  • Jide

    Will spend half of it on my family and invest the rest

  • Sunday

    Build a house

  • Tosin

    Will pay for my education.and help others


    I will go to the fashion school i have always wanted to go to

  • tunde

    I will spend it on new year celrbrations

  • Hope

    i will future my studies

  • Tiloye Adenubi

    Established business


    I would invest the money in business

  • Omolola adekeye

    Start my hair business


    I will establish

  • Janice

    I will publish my first book!

  • cece

    pay my school fees immediately andpay for my thesis.

  • Ukpoji James Arome

    I will invest in my children education.

  • Tobit


  • Abraham Joseph

    I Will he very very happy, because I have made it

  • charles dick benson n

    Withdraw my money successfully

  • Peter T.F

    I will like to open a Farm! I really like to Farm

  • Fav

    Withdraw my money successfully

  • max

    invest in a business

  • Tee

    I would invest the money in a business

  • helen

    set up my business

  • helen

    set up my business

  • Akinrinade kazeem

    Give thanks setup a business

  • Ikebudu lynda

    Open a business

  • James C

    Help people

  • Muheez Hamzat

    God Will lead me through when miracle happen

  • joshua peleyeju

    baby schl fees

  • joshua peleyeju

    use it for my baby school fees

  • Abu Williams Oyakhilomen

    Open up a business

  • Kenneth

    I will buy lands in school areas, and build hostels for students

  • Queen Josephine

    i Will start up a business so as to create employment opportunities

  • David

    buy new house

  • Comfort

    I will start my dream business.

  • Abdullahi Aliyu Daniya

    To invest business

  • Abdullahi Aliyu Daniya

    To invest business

  • Abdullahi Aliyu Daniya

    To invest business

  • Ibrahim

    Plan for my girl birthday

  • Akagha Precious

    i would first give thanks to God for the luck and i would share it properly! am gonna shout out so loud!

  • Jacob

    I will empower my self

  • honesty william

    i will start a business

  • ayodele miracle

    i will start up a pig farm it has always been my dream.

  • Marshall Christiana

    I would pay my 10% to God, invest in my education and invest in businesses

  • willicon

    well i wanna make it big, i will invest some and take care of my family

  • emmanu

    establish my family

  • Zaman kalau

    I really don't know

  • Bakare Olalekan

    Is to make my dreams come true, to be a provider for the poor who are seriously in need .... Just to make every one around me happy..... That my number one priority

  • Emmanuel Ambrose Obong

    i will investe the money into a business and i also have house problem i nee to take of, the poor once under my reach i also need to take care of

  • johnpaul ugorji

    i will start a business

  • johnpaul ugorji

    i will use it to start a new life,business

  • Ekwueme nneka joy

    am we be so happy, because i have a house problem i need to take care of. and my business too. the poor onces under my reach i also need to attend to.

  • Elizabeth chinwo

    I will invest it into a business

  • Iroekwe Maurice

    Build house

  • Moshood

    Invest the money

  • shogbesan tosin

    equip my house

  • Lawrence Okunoye

    Build a house and set up business

  • Momoh Sanusi

    Happy and investment the money

  • Suleiman Mamman

    i would expand my backing busineds

  • Matthew Jerome Peter

    I'd be very happy and I'm gonna invest it wisely for my future.

  • Momoh Sanusi

    Happy and investment the money

  • Momoh Sanusi

    Happy and investment the money

  • idowu idris

    too own a pure water company named idnoble

  • olawuyi olusegun david

    please i lost my password help to restore it back

  • Gabriel


  • Oyinloye O.N

    To build my business

  • Sarahfavour

    I will use it for business and sort out family issues

  • Emmanuella Orianwo

    Thank my father in heaven for his blessings and pay my tithe obviously.

  • Emmanuel

    Enlarge my coast

  • Henry Michael

    If I Win I Wil Pay My Tithe In The Church AndUseThe Remaining One For My Business

  • John

    First of all i would like to thank naijalottery for helping us fulfill our dreams, i won in the past with you and i am sure you ar going to help me fulfill my dreams by winning a big amount to open my own company. Thanks you

  • danladi sadiq abubakar

    a lot of things

  • Odupitan Gbenga Daniel


  • Luqman


  • Baba199


  • Olajide

    I will invest into d future

  • Olajide Samuel

    I will invest into d future

  • Usim Joel Chima

    Educational, Investment and Charity Purposes

  • Agbeja olubunmi

    To further my education

  • Henry Okotoghaide

    To further my education

  • aditem


  • Ezeokocha

    learn more skills

  • mike

    start a business

  • Adebayo

    Start a business

  • abelonoriobe

    Buy a house in London

  • Babatunde john bunmi


  • Joseph usku

    Help my self, my family members and the next person next to me eyo is in need.

  • Jolomitsetimi

    An ICT center

  • zara

    Stop being a liability

  • olawuyi olusegun david

    for better business

  • Olumide

    I will invest, help my families and the poor

  • Olawuyi olusegun david


  • Michael Ezeh

    Help the needy and invest for my future

  • Achinike chinedu


  • Felix

    my future will be best

  • Adeshina

    Help the poor around me

  • cynthia


  • Ojo Aiwansosa Gabriel

    Further increase my knowledge by doing professional courses

  • ahuv


  • oluwaseun

    give out to poor

  • Redeemer

    Happy and Invest

  • francis

    invest and have prison mission foundation

  • Susan

    Invest the money

  • jeff

    i wii help the poor


    I will be the most happiest person and same time help the need

  • biyi

    i will praise God and naija lotto

  • Aremu Kabirat

    invest in business

  • Sunday

    Invest in business

  • innocent

    buy a car

  • etebele best

    pay my tax and buy land and start my masters degree

  • Stanley Odoemelam

    Accommodation for my family, education for my kids and less privilege children.

  • Akintoye jamiu jumat

    to complete my house building

  • Afolabi Oluwaseyi Michael



    Improve my life and impact on less priviledge

  • Okey

    I will invest in Agriculture and register a Fashion label for my Kids

  • azeez

    i will travel to my dream country nd settle

  • Fowler

    Buy a lot of Equipment for my job

  • mary

    I will set up a business

  • to goback to school

    and lenad

  • Aroju Shadrach

    I will be excited

  • Aroju Shadrach








  • one love

    i will by my wif a new frige

  • Ralph

    I love this game!!! Thank you Naija Lotto for the big win

  • Edigbo, Peter O.

    I will pay my tithe and then put the money into any reasonable investment.

  • chukwudi

    this is very cool! open chatroom???

  • Chris O

    I won  ?210,000 my first week playing NAP3 using your system in my state Lotto. It's a happy and a sad event to me. I'm happy I won ?210,000 but I'm sad I missed retirement by 1 number playing NAP5. I've upgraded to be in your Winners Circle. Looking forward to more success with your system. Thanks

  • Ken

    I was completely surprised when I finally got around to usin your system and found that it is easier than I thought it would be, but it doesn't stop there because sometime later I kept winnin ?24k with 5 out of 90 game and ?15k with 1 out of 36 just the next week. Thx u NAija! Segun

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